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Ready to join the fight against plastic pollution? When you grab one of our awesome bpa-free biobased water bottles, you’re not just hydrating in style – you’re also supporting our mission to keep our land and sea plastic free! At Plastic Whale, we’re all about rallying together to make a real difference. With every purchase, you’re helping us get one step closer to our goal. Picture this: cleaner oceans, pristine beaches, and a planet free from plastic waste. That’s the dream, right? And you’re a crucial part of making it a reality! So, let’s band together and show the world what we’re made of. One biobased bottle at a time, we can make waves of change. Together, we’ve got this!


Imagine our journey from everyday plastic to something truly remarkable, all starting with a humble sugarcane. See, regular plastic, well, it’s often made from oil, which isn’t great for the planet. It takes a ton of energy and spits out a bunch of carbon dioxide, adding to our pollution troubles. But! Enter sugarcane. We take this sweet stuff, turn it into sugar for your treats, and then, magic happens. The leftovers are transformed into bio-ethanol, a key ingredient in our new kind of plastic. And get this: it’s just as good as the old stuff, but way better for Mother Earth. See, while sugarcane grows, it slurps up CO2 like a thirsty plant, making our plastic not just eco-friendly, but actually helpful for the environment. So, when you sip from our water bottles, know you’re not just hydrating, you’re making a positive impact, one sip at a time. Cheers to sustainability!


Let’s talk about monomaterial plastic – it’s like the superhero of recycling! You know how some bottles are a jumbled mess of different plastics? Well, not this one! Monomaterial plastic bottles are made from just one type of plastic, which makes them super easy to recycle. No need for complicated sorting machines or fancy processes. It’s like hitting the recycling jackpot! By keeping things simple, we’re making sure these bottles have a better chance of getting a second life as something new. So, when you toss one of these bad boys into the recycling bin, you’re not just throwing it away – you’re giving it a shot at a whole new adventure! Let’s close the loop on plastic waste and make every bottle count. Who’s with us?


What’s making waves in the sustainability scene? Refillable water bottles! These babies are game-changers in the fight against plastic waste! Picture this: every time you reach for your trusty refillable bottle, you’re saying “nope” to those flimsy disposable ones. That means less plastic junk cluttering up the planet and more savings on packaging. Plus, refillable bottles are like the Energizer Bunny – they just keep going and going! One bottle, endless refills, less plastic waste. It’s a win-win! And get this: by ditching the disposable habit, you’re also cutting down on the energy and emissions that go into making and shipping those throwaway bottles. So, not only are you staying hydrated in style, but you’re also doing your part to keep the Earth happy and healthy. Who knew being eco-friendly could be so easy – and stylish? Let’s hydrate the planet, one refill at a time

Easy to clean

You know what’s awesome about our biobased bottle? Not only is it super eco-friendly, but it’s also a breeze to clean! Seriously, no fuss, no hassle. Here’s the deal: our bottle is made up of three super-simple parts, which means cleaning it is as easy as pie. No more struggling to get into every nook and cranny—just pop those three parts apart, give ’em a quick rinse by hand, and you’re good to go! So go ahead, hydrate like a champ, knowing that cleaning up afterward is a piece of cake with our biobased bottle. Cheers to simplicity.

Made in Holland

Ever heard of a bottle that’s not just eco-friendly but also super cool? Well, meet our biobased bottle, crafted by the awesome folks at Eurobottle in the Netherlands. These guys are like the pioneers of water bottle innovation! It’s made from recyclable biobased monomaterial – meaning you can do your bit for the planet without breaking a sweat. And get this – it’s not like those old-school plastics that mess up the environment. Nope, our biobased bottle is the real deal, keeping Mother Earth happy and healthy. So, say goodbye to guilt-tripping every time you take a sip. With our bottle, you can hydrate like a boss, knowing you’re doing your part for a greener world. Cool, huh? So grab one and join the eco-revolution!

Let’s buy that bottle

Want to hydrate in style and make waves in the fight against plastic pollution? Grab our 500ml bpa-free biobased bottle now! With each purchase, you’re not just getting a cool bottle – you’re also supporting Plastic Whale’s mission for a plastic free land & sea. Let’s dive in and make a splash together!