Together for plastic free land & sea

Let’s fish for plastic the day after King’s Day

Mark your calendars for our thrilling event happening on the day after King’s Day – Koningsvissen 2024! This is a great opportunity to not only recover from your hangover but also contribute positively to the environment by collecting (plastic) waste from the canals. We’ve got everything you need – boats, nets, and even drinks! All we need is you! Guarantee your spot by reserving a free ticket for one of our two available time slots. Each time slot will focus on cleaning a specific area of the city center canals, ensuring that we cover every corner. With hundreds of people expected to join us, don’t wait too long to reserve your free ticket.


Note: This free public event is designed for the general public, rather than companies or teams.

Join our mission

At Plastic Whale, our mission is clear: to make waves of change. Together with our corporate partners and the general public, we’re committed to cleaning up our lands and seas, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. We invite you to be part of this movement and join us in taking action, because it’s time to stop talking and let’s start doing!

We collect

We collect as much plastic waste with as many people as possible. We started in the Netherlands but we aim to involve people across the globe.

We create

We create economic value from plastic waste. We currently make boats and office furniture. The more we create, the more raw materials we need, the more positive impact we make.

We educate

With our school program we reach thousands of young people in NL and internationally. With presentations and workshops we reach and inspire companies and individuals to get involved with our mission.

Be part of the solution!

At Plastic Whale we don’t like talking about the problem too much. We rather work on the solution! By creating cool products from plastic waste, involving as many people as possible. The more people join, the more positive impact we create. We started in Amsterdam, but we want to go global. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the solution: come plastic fishing with us, spread the word, create your own cool product, support our school programme. Just hop on board!

Our partners

Discover the inspiring companies who share our vision and mission. By partnering with us, they’ve taken a crucial step towards a cleaner and healthier planet. Become part of the Plastic Whale family and make waves with us. Would you like to join? Contact us now!