Inspiration for the top of our boardroom table is a surfacing whale, with its distinctive blowhole and gracious lines. It is made from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam, and FSC birch wood. While the surface is exquisitely finished using PET felt that has been heated and pressed to give it a luxurious look-&-feel.

The table’s legs, which in their design recall a whale’s imposing skeleton, are made of robust FSC oak.


Table top is divided into four modular segments — a so-called ‘sandwich’:

  • Top layer: 4mm pressed and recycled PET felt.
  • Intermediate layer: 9mm FSC-certified birch plywood and 30mm layer recycled PET foam.
  • Finish lengthways: stained and varnished plywood.
  • Finish ends: 9mm metal plate with lasered text: ‘This table is made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic’.
  • Blowhole: recycled PET felt; on underside covered with plywood plate.


Table legs:

  • FSC-certified European oak.
  • Metal spreader bars (representing whale’s bone structure): chrome-plated, 8mm thick.


  • Length: 4000mm
  • Width table top: 1400mm
  • Width legs: 996mm
  • Height: 754mm


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